1Q - What do I get by placing an Allegiant Stadium Personal Seat License (“PSL”) deposit?

1A - Placing a deposit to purchase a PSL at Allegiant Stadium places you in line to have an opportunity to purchase a PSL from the Clark County Stadium Authority and Season Tickets to Raiders games played at Allegiant Stadium. In addition to securing your opportunity to purchase a PSL, placing your deposit ensures that you will receive information as it becomes available. Details regarding the process for the sale of PSLs and Raiders Season Tickets at Allegiant Stadium are being finalized. Your Allegiant Stadium PSL deposit will be applied toward a PSL purchase at Allegiant Stadium. Only one deposit per household is permitted.

2Q - What is the benefit of purchasing a PSL?

2A - You will need to purchase a PSL from the Las Vegas Stadium Authority in order to purchase Raiders Season Tickets. Details regarding pricing and seat rights to additional events at Allegiant Stadium have yet to be determined. A PSL is a one-time fee that will secure your right to purchase season tickets to Raiders games and other events at Allegiant Stadium.

3Q - How much is the Allegiant Stadium PSL deposit?

3A - The deposit for the Allegiant Stadium is $100.

4Q - What if I am a current Season Ticket Member with The Oakland Raiders or become one?

4A - Oakland Raiders Season Ticket Members interested in Raiders Season Tickets at Allegiant Stadium should place a $100 PSL deposit if they have any interest in potentially purchasing Raiders Season Tickets for Allegiant Stadium. Current Raiders Season Tickets Members who placed a deposit by September 1, 2017 and whose Season Ticket Member accounts remain in good standing as long as the Raiders play in Oakland will receive this special opportunity to purchase seats at Allegiant Stadium.

5Q - When can I choose my specific Raiders Season Ticket location for Allegiant Stadium?

5A - Everyone who places a PSL deposit will receive information regarding the PSL sale and seat selection process as it becomes available. Specific Season Ticket locations are not guaranteed by placing a $100 deposit.

6Q - What is the Raiders Preview Center?

6A - The Raiders have designed an experience for the public to celebrate the greatest moments in Raiders history, along with the opportunity to learn more about Allegiant Stadium. PSL Deposit Holders will utilize this space to meet with their personal sales consultant and purchase their seats. The Raiders Preview Center is located in Town Square at: 6649 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV, 89119. If arriving via Uber or Lyft, search Raiders Preview Center.

7Q - What if Raiders Season Tickets sell out before I get the opportunity to purchase a PSL, or I do not like the Season Ticket location offered to me?

7A - In the event all Raiders Season Tickets are sold before you have had the opportunity to purchase a PSL and select a Season Ticket offered to you (or you have made a deposit to purchase a PSL but elect not to purchase the PSL and the Season Ticket locations offered), you have two options: (1) You can join the PSL and/or season ticket waitlist when/if created; or (2) You can request a full refund of your $100 PSL deposit.

8Q - Can I get a refund of my $100 Allegiant Stadium PSL deposit?

8A - Yes, prior to the purchase of PSLs at Allegiant Stadium your PSL deposit is fully refundable and you may request a refund at any time. If you obtain a refund you will lose your opportunity to purchase Raiders Season Tickets for Allegiant Stadium. Allegiant Stadium PSL deposits are non-transferable.

9Q - When will Allegiant Stadium open?

9A - Allegiant Stadium is currently anticipated to open for the 2020 NFL season.

10Q - Where will the team play prior to Allegiant Stadium being completed?

10A - The Raiders are playing the 2019 NFL Season at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Everyone that has placed an Allegiant Stadium PSL deposit will receive Raiders Season Ticket information regarding future seasons.

11Q - How do I update my contact information if it changes?

11A - Call us at 1-800-RAIDERS.

12Q - Is there anyone to contact if I have other questions about signing up?

12A - For any questions regarding our Oakland Season Ticket Waitlist or Allegiant Stadium, call 1-800-RAIDERS or visit

Your deposit is subject to the terms and conditions set forth HERE.