Q7 - When can I resell or transfer my PSLs?
A7 - You can re-sell or transfer your PSL after the stadium opens in 2020. For more transfer information, please refer to Exhibit C of your PSL agreement.

Q8 - How long is my PSL good for?
A8 - Your PSL is good for 30 years.

Q9 - What other events will be held at the stadium? How many?
A9 - It is expected that Las Vegas Stadium will be a very active building with the capability of hosting a wide range of events annually. It is our goal to offer our members opportunities to purchase tickets to certain events prior to the general public. More information will be shared as events are finalized, but it is our hope to host events such as concerts, motorsports, international soccer, college football, rugby, combative events, etc.

Q10 - Will I get my same seat for other events hosted at the stadium?
A10 - Your PSL does not guarantee you the right to your same seat for non-Raiders events. For most events, excluding extraordinary events, PSL members will be able to purchase seats prior to the general public.

Q11 - Does my PSL give me access to any Raider home games played in the International Series?
A11 - Your PSL does not give you access to Raiders games that are played outside of Las Vegas Stadium. For account holders interested in attending an International Series game, we will be happy to share information on how and where to purchase those tickets when applicable.

Q12 - Will I have access to attend Training Camp?
A12 - More information will be provided in the future regarding access for our members to attend Raiders Training Camp.